Understanding how older adults manage health information.


What's the SOARING project about?

SOARING (Studying Older Adults & Researching Information Needs and Goals). Our goal is to better understand how older adults manage personal health information and the role caregivers play in these practices. We also want to know how other stakeholders are involved, such as doctors and family members. Through qualitative fieldwork, we are gaining insights to inform the design of supportive tools that meet the information management needs of older adults and supportive stakeholders.

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Why is this project important?

Older adults are the largest recipients of healthcare services and manage a range of personal health information from doctor's notes and lab reports to medication logs and appointment reminders. Yet many older adults have not adopted personal health records (PHR) and other tools that could help. This research will provide insights and recommendations to improve our understanding of the needs of older adults and how to design supportive tools.

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Who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary research team from the University of Washington in Seattle. Our expertise ranges from geriatrics and health services to medical informatics and consumer health.

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What are we learning?

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